About Great Look INC

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Great Look Inc. is a company focusing on bringing unique technologies to the market which carries values to the customers over other competitors. ​

We always avoid copying others because we believe in our self that we can always create new ideas and implement innovative technologies.

150000 Happy Customers
15Years in Business
24 X 7Customer Support


I established GREAT LOOK INC. after 13 years of working in the healthcare industry. I detected a void in the business owners vision in our region and decided to bridge the gap

In my opinion, it's not confronting to build a profitable business and to be ethical which I have always struggled to persuade people I worked with.​​

I brought ENDYMED which is Patented technology to the market and dedicated my time and efforts to promote it, ENDYMED grabbed my attention because of the smartness of the 3 DEEP technology which could overcome the weaknesses of the Radio Frequency and provided impressive innovation to the operators and end users as well.

Customers are my wealth and it is my ultimate goal is to make them delighted. Their requests will always be responded to immediately.

Haisam Hawash

Code of Conduct

1-Toward our customers:

We believe that our first responsibility is toward the doctors , nurses , patients and all others who are using our products and services . we deliver to them in high quality and reasonable price . Customers calls must be serviced promptly and efficiently . ​

2-Toward our employees:

We treat our employees with respect and dignity considering every man and women working with us as an individual regardless religion , race , skin color , sexual orientation which are related to their personal life and not affecting their performance . We strive to make them feel secure in their jobs and to assure a fair atmosphere of evaluation and rewards without any biases. ​

3-Toward community :

We bear our responsibilities toward our societies which we work and live in , making sure to pay our fair shares of tax and support civic improvement and better health and education. We apply the concept of societal marketing which consider the welfare of the society in our marketing practices. ​

4-Toward Shareholders:

Business must be profitable however stakeholders should expect a fair and reasonable return , shareholders must not seek making unrealistic profits at the expense of any third party either employees or community or customers.